Quo Tendas

These celestial beings arrive with the aim of protecting us. It is my belief that when human beings feel defenseless they turn to prayer, we start to ask and to wish for things. Those wishes are like a plea to the celestial. Each one of these beings, materialized as space ships, contain an inscribed code, the idea is to decipher them so that our wishes may be carried out; some have lights, and it is those that serve as the guide for the other beings. The sound of angels singing, harps, and children’s voices, created by Pablo Mendoza and integrated into the project, is a reference to the sound of the environment that surrounds humankind; it is linked to cosmic energy records, they may or may not be associated with each other, and they are part of the energetic bands that surround the cosmos.

The idea behind realizing pieces to such an intense degree of luxury is to present these celestial beings as something that comes from the divine; beings whose beauty implicitly carries a message of salvation, so that there can be no doubt that salvation lives in the harmony of beauty.

Nicolas Leiva


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